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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homeschool Calendar For 2011/2012 School Year

I had six children today, my two, and four friends. We had an awesome day, and everyone got along with no issues. Last night I finished our homeschool calendar for next school year. This is posted mostly for record keeping, but also so anyone else who wants a homeschool calendar can use it. I changed it a bit this year, without all the early release days, rather choosing to take a few more days around the holidays. Our playgroup will have a few changes next year as well. One of our longest friends is going to be placing her kids in charter schools so she can finish her graduate degree. This means they won't be able to come to playdates during the week, so we will have to adjust to all of that. It is a big adjustment period for them, so we have to be sure to be patient and supportive. I have been contemplating a lot how I want to work DJ's writing curriculum next year. He really enjoys the blogging, so I will still use that platform. I will share my thoughts about his writing tomorrow. Here is the calendar.

September 6, 2011: First day of school,
October 10: No school Columbus Day,
October 21: End of first grading period,
October 22: No school report cards,
November 11: No school Veteran's Day,
November 22-24: No school Thanksgiving break,
December 23: End of second grading period,
December 24- January 6 2012: No school Christmas break,
February 13: No school President's Day,
March 9: No school,
March 16: End of third grading period,
March 16-23: No school Spring Break,
April 9-13: No school Easter break,
May 26-29: No school Memorial Day break,
June 9, 2012: Last day of 2011/2012 school year.


sstone said...

Have you done much with year 'round schooling? Also, do you school full days every day of the week, or do you have lighter days?

Melissa said...

It changes if we need it to, but typically we do not school all year. My two children do have to do some kind of educational work over the summer, but nothing that takes more than an hour in the summer. During the school year we do Mon-Fri school with Monday and Friday being lighter days. My son also likes to change out a weekday to do school work on a Sat every now and then. I am flexible with that as long as the work gets done.

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