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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homeschool Portfolios and Our Homeschool Classroom

I get a lot of questions about our homeschool classroom. Do we have a separate space with desks and laptops? No our dining room is generally speaking our classroom. The walls are filled with posters, maps, calendars and other learning devices. I have various storage cubicles for our books and other supplies. Sometimes the kids do have to be separated from this room, but for the most part this is where the learning takes place, at least book work. We do so many other learning things that anywhere could be our classroom.

Below are the finished portfolios, for our evaluations, which are next week. I made them a lot smaller this year. Each kid drew the picture for their covers. I do not care for these folders, you can only put like twenty pieces of paper in the binder part, and that is not nearly enough for me. The Florida statute does not state how many papers you need to bring. You need their reading lists, daily log, and papers from each segment of the school year. So technically speaking twenty could be plenty, but not enough for me. I did scale them back this year. Usually I bring way more than is needed. Between this blog, DJ's writing blog, the portfolio and each child's personal interview, the evaluator can tell whether your child has progressed or not. So I will have to scour the local Walmart for a binder that I actually like. Maybe them accordian folders, I have used them in the past.


Anne said...

Your classroom/dining room looks great. It looks like any other classroom. The portfolios are beautiful. I love the covers.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne.

betchai said...

I love your classroom Melissa. Your kids are freer to find answers to their curiosity.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai.

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