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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Worst Snack Ever and Evaluation Update

The worst snack ever is the potato chip. With the exception of pretzels, and healthier snack versions of potato chips, the potato chip is the worst snack ever. Want to know why? According to the Dietitians that ran this study, it is because no one eats just one serving of potato chips. An average serving size of potato chips is 10-15 chips, with most people eating way more than that. Ice cream, though high in fat, does give you extra calcium and the serving size for ice cream is 1/2 of a cup, which is not a hard serving size to follow. So there you go that is the answer to the question I posted on Friday. I believe it to. Potato chips are eaten by the bags full every day. We put a limit on potato chips, but I will honestly say no one eats just 10 chips in this house.

As for the update on our yearly homeschool evaluations, I sent one more email to my previous evaluator, and she did get back to me. She isn't doing them until the end of August which is fine with me, and hopefully I will have an appointment by the end of this week.


Anne said...

I have to admit, I can't eat just a half of cup of ice cream. I tend to be addicted.

Glad you got your appointment. Good luck with scheduling the appointment.

betchai said...

i see the point, thankfully, i don't eat a lot of chips nor eat chips often, i actually do not buy it. ice cream though, yes, there is calcium :) haha. and there is milk, meaning other proteins. only that, like Anne, I too can't eat just half a cup of ice cream.

Melissa said...

I could eat a half a cup of ice cream a lot easier than I could eat just ten chips.

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