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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feeling Behind

I feel like I am way behind with my lesson planning for next year. I suppose I am technically not, since I have two children to plan for. I had them last year, and the year before too, but their lessons get a little bit harder and time consuming each year. Caitlin's is still not too bad, and since I began homeschooling DJ in second grade, I have a lot of reference points I can use. DJ's is taking a lot of time. Mostly because I am one of those homeschoolers who does not use just one type of curriculum. I view, review, and then pick and choose which books or websites will be for each subject and topic. This is actually very time consuming.

I do have my appointment for our homeschool evaluation. It will be on August 4th, so now I have to complete our portfolios. Each child has to bring their portfolio, a book to read, their reading list and our daily log of stuff we do everyday. If anyone in the Gilchrist county area needs an evaluator, I now have three options you could choose from. One is a test evaluator, not the FCAT but a standardized test of your choosing. Her prices are very reasonable. Another is for cyber evals and her prices are very reasonable. I have never tried either of these choices, but I am leaning towards the standardized test at least for DJ next year. The other is my regular evaluator, I have used for the past three years. She is 50 dollars per child, and she is very thorough. If you are in need of a homeschool evaluator, you can email me at

Now I better go get some work done. Have a great day, everyone.


Anne said...

Wow, it sounds like a lot of work. I think that is what is necessary to do a really great job at homeschooling. You should be fine using a lot of DJs curriculum for Caitlin. I know school teachers use the same curriculum year after year.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne. You are always supportive.

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