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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Simple School Homeschool

I have had this website on my saved list for a long time, and always forget about it. I did just sign up for their free Ezine, where you get freebies, they have unit studies for a dollar, and a one year subscription is about $75 dollars. That is for all the K-12 unit studies, printables, and literature units. This is not per child, but covers however many children you have participating. There are other plans available that are less prices. This link takes you to their Unit Study list, and you can then navigate around the rest of the website. Note, I have not yet tried any of their unit studies, but please feel free to check it out.


MissMOE said...

Sounds great! Off to check it out.

Anne said...

It looks interesting. If I could just convince the kids to study for the summer.

Melissa said...

Miss Moe, it doesn't cover all subjects but still seems reasonably priced. Anne, my kids do school work over the summer, and I don't give them a choice.

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