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Friday, July 8, 2011

How About A Fun Topic For The Weekend?

I thought I would post something kind of fun for the weekend to ponder. Here is the question. What snack type food is the absolute unhealthiest to eat? Your choices are cake, candy, popcorn, potato chips, ice cream, donuts or other pastry type snacks, and cookies. Don't look any of them up, just think about which one you think is the worst. I will post the answer on Monday. If I get no comments, you will all have to wonder what the answer is. Have a great weekend, everyone.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Worst? Depends what you're looking for. I've heard that dentists hate dried fruit and anything sticky. But then, I've also heard that they had anything carby, like cookies, because it turns into a paste that sticks to teeth. Conversely, hard candies, as evil as we think they are, turn liquidy and leave the mouth relatively fast, so maybe not the worst. Anyway, in terms of which will kill you first - my guess would be... ice cream, the gloriously cool and creamy king of the nutrition trifecta: calories, fat, sugar. :-)))

Anne said...

I have to vote for ice bream because of my Joanna. It would make her so sick, I can't imagine anything being so bad. If you are talking about the general population, I have to go for ice cream again (although candy is pretty bad too).

betchai said...

oh, maybe candy? and donut? i love ice cream so much, hahaha, despite i know it is also unhealthy.

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