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Friday, June 3, 2011

Florida Homeschool Issues

If you homeschool in Florida, and are experiencing any of the problems mentioned on the video, please be sure to contact Florida Homeschool at the email they provide you with. I know homeschoolers in Marion County have been having this same issue, and one family in Lafayette County. We do not have any problems yet, so I hope to keep it that way.


Andrea said...

That is crazy that they are saying they will be arrested! I know when we lived in Port St. Lucie and we were getting ready to pull Logan out the school gave us a hard time about releasing his records to the umbrella school. Shame on those schools who are lying and instilling fear in the parents!

Melissa said...

Thank you Andrea, and yes I know it is crazy. I know a mom in Marion County that has had a terrible time with the local public school.

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