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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Math Playground

It is summertime. That means it is time to clean up the educational links I have posted, and share new awesome ones I have discovered. I am always searching for new, interesting and educational websites especially free or very affordable ones. Math Playground, is just what it sounds like. Math games, interactive flash cards, plus puzzles, and math videos. Check it out and see if you can use it in conjunction with your other lessons.


betchai said...

i did played a lot of Math games with my nieces and nephew then, they liked the logical challenges.

Melissa said...

It sort of makes math more enjoyable. Neither of my kids will jump up and down to do math, LOL.

waseem said...

Cool Math Games-Cool math games have a large collection of gaming stuff find latest online computer games free on this website some cool math games are so simple to play online by the kids these games have great attraction for kids and they meet different targets and bonus points to achieve the specific items in these games.

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