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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning To Paint

I mentioned sometime back that I had a desire to learn to paint. My mother has been painting, using the Donna Dewberry method for sometime now. Probably more than a year. Well today was my first painting lesson. I showed up at my moms, no children with me, and had an all day lesson. No, I did not paint this lovely piece. It is one of the ones my mom did and gave to me. It has matching glasses too. So in the five hours I sat there trying to paint one flower that looked like a flower, she painted several bottles, and even did tiny thimbles and needle holders. Jeesh talk about not keeping up, LOL! She then provided me with DVD's, brushes and paint to practice with. I don't think I have time to learn this. I guess I will start with the DVD's and just try to memorize it like everything else I have learned to do. I told her if I ever learn this I can teach the kids how to do it. She then offered to be our art teacher for the next school year, and teach the kids and me. Whew I dodged a bullet there! My mom can sew, and is an awesome cook too. I so did not get any of those genes in the great DNA replication process.


MamaTea said...

what a nice offer from your mom! She looks to be a very talented woman. :)

Melissa said...

Mama Tea I am so grateful she did. I am not even sure I can learn it let alone teach it to two young kids.

Anne said...

Summer is a great time to start. Since the kids wont be in school full time, you have one less responsibility. Maybe you can use your curriculum time to learn to paint :).

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