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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2nd Quarter Report Cards

I finally got the report cards tallied up. It is only almost half way through the 3rd quarter, lol! Both kids are doing quite well, and I could not be happier. Caitlin is reading almost independently now, and she needs to begin working on reading comprehension and book reports. Since she is still insecure about spelling, they will start as picture book reports. She has also began harder math, since Christmas, and is progressing nicely. She now needs to focus more on money. DJ continues to do very well, though for some reason he thinks he doesn't do well if his grades are not 90 and above. I tried to tell him that this is not the way to look at it. His math grade went up two points, but he is still not satisfied. Again, I told him that he needs to check his answers to catch mistakes before he hands his work in. He refuses to do it, so the A will continue to elude him. DJ also got sloppy in his History assignments, and is lucky to have maintained his grade. He needs to slow down on the exam, and be sure he is using complete answers. Here are their grades in comparison from 1st Quarter to 2nd Quarter. Spanish we just began in December, and DJ maintains an 83 average in that so far.

Math: 82 first quarter, 84 second quarter
Science: 88 first quarter, 88 second quarter
Social Studies: 84 first quarter, 84 second quarter
Language Arts: 93 first quarter, 95 second quarter
Reading: 87 first quarter, 88 second quarter
Health: 81 first quarter, 93 second quarter
Writing: Good
Overall Average: 86 first quarter, 87 second quarter

Math: 97 first quarter, 91 second quarter
Science: 100 first quarter, 97 second quarter
Language Arts: 96 first quarter, 96 second quarter
Reading: Very good and much improved


betchai said...

That's great to know DJ has high expectations, and you are so right in telling him to learn how to slow down during exams, to check his answers to catch mistakes before turning them in. Congratulations to you, Melissa, for a job well done.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai. Now if he would just take the advice, lol!

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