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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

DJ just experienced his first really hard and confusing Science lesson. Most of our Science experiences thus far have been animals, ecosystems and such. Now he has moved into some Chemistry type lessons. From the lesson, I have taken away that compounds are exactly the same as the elements on the Periodic Table. If anyone understands this to mean something else please clarify for me, because that is how I explained it to him. Since all the elements can not be broken down any further, that is the exact definition of a compound. So if that is true, why not just leave them as elements and avoid the whole confusing compound part all together? Ugh~! I found the simple video below to help him understand what I am trying to say. Next is physical and chemical changes. I hope that chapter goes smoother, lol!

Lesson Plans For 02/07/12:

Reading Comprehension
Language Arts: Semicolons
Science: Mixtures and Compounds
Social Studies: Map Skills
Literature Unit: Call of the Wild
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 67

Head of the Class: Three Cycles
Language Arts: Spelling, Capitalization
Math: Number Names, Subtraction
Science: Wetlands, Plants and Seeds
Social Studies: Plymouth Colony


betchai said...

hi melissa, compounds are not exactly the same as elements in the periodic table. elements make up compounds. Both elements and compounds can not be broken down physically. Chemically, compounds can be broken down into smaller substances ( into elements or smaller compounds), whereas elements can not be broken down further into smaller substances because elements are the building blocks for all substances. Elements can be broken down however into sub-atomic particles by nuclear reaction. I love Chemistry :)

Melissa said...

Ugh OK, I gotcha. So it is the chemical reaction that breaks down the compound into smaller parts, not a physical one. That is where we were lost. Thank you.

Anne said...

I am obviously not a science person. I thought compounds were combinations of elements but I'm not the one to ask. Good luck with it!

Melissa said...

I love Science, but I am guessing Chemistry was not my favorite, lol! It was so long ago, hard to remember.

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