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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Painting Place Mats

All right today was painting class, with Nonie. She brought these lovely cloth place mats for us to paint on. They already had a design on them with leaves, so I chose to paint blueberries, red berries that are supposed to be apples, and some flower varieties at the end of each leaf section. Then I painted some colored vines and small leaves. These were incredibly difficult as far as painting the flowers. The roses don't really look like roses to me. My mom did not actually paint today, rather spent her time helping both Caitlin and DJ with their strokes and blending. This worked well for them. Mine is the only one shown, because I am the only one that actually completed mine. Both kids will work on theirs the next class. They will be doing them for a while, I am guessing, lol. Especially since Caitlin has decided that she is going to paint all the swirls on hers, before she actually paints any flowers or anything else.

I know I am going backwards but lesson plans for Tuesday 02/14/12 were:

Language Arts: Hyphens
Health: Growth and Development
Reading: Literature unit for Call of the Wild
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 70 plus Learning Horizons
Social Studies: Middle Ages: Chapter 22
Reading Comprehension
Map Skills

Science: Wetlands
Language Arts: Clothes as Words, verbs
Health: Teeth
Math: Subtraction, problem solving, and time
Social Studies: Plymouth Colony
Head of the Class: Three Cycles

Plus before painting class today, DJ read three chapters of Treasure Island, and Caitlin did Head of the Class one cycle.


Preschool Math Online said...

good posting:)

betchai said...

you are a family of artists, Melissa. I wish I had a caring art teacher when I was in elementary, but thankfully, my elementary art teacher did not crash me down with her always insulting words about my art :))

Melissa said...

Thank you, to both of you.

Betchai I am not sure we are considered artists yet, maybe still learning novices. For me I have always wanted to learn to paint, but just didn't seem to have time for it. My mom offered to teach us all as an art class for school, making it possible for all of us to learn. It has worked quite well.

johnpeterjohn said...

such a awesome painting..
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