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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lysol Quickie Clean Flip Mop

This is not a paid review, but I do love to share products I like every now and then. I needed a new mop, and since most of the house is tile, I decided to try one of these Lysol mops. First off, if you have a very dirty floor, this mop will not do you much good. However, it is awesome for light mopping and small spills. Or dust mopping if you have hardwood floors. But, what I really love about this mop is all the other things I am finding I can use it for. Like dusting the ceiling fans, and in places I can not reach without breaking my neck on a chair. I even use it to wipe down the shower walls in the bathrooms, and to mop the walls of old dirt and dust that you can not see. Trust me you have no idea how dirty your walls are until you try this. I was kind of grossed out. Now I do it at least once a week. Plus you can flip the cloth over and use the other side. If it gets to dry, just spray it with whatever cleaning liquid you like. Do you own one? Do you like it?


Ebie said...

I have one and this works wonders. My daughter loves it, very easy clean up!

Melissa said...

It is a nice little mop.

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