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Friday, February 3, 2012

Painting Class

I used to blog every single day. Now I am lucky if I get in every other day, lol! Wednesday was painting class. My mom brought these cute little canvas bags for us to paint on. First of all painting on canvas is harder than glass, and you need a lot more paint. I like mine until I added the leaves to my flowers, and then that was that. My moms is lovely as always, and I am going to list hers in my Etsy store to see how people take to them. DJ did a car on his, and Caitlin made a rainbow. DJ is a fast painter. He gets his idea, paints it and then is gone. The rest of us sit there thinking, lol. Caitlin also painted the seagull and orange ocean to the left. I did the other practice ones on paper. Since this is a homeschool blog, I won't blather on about my art and how I am progressing. Since I am a tad obsessed with it, I will be sharing my progress on my Jewelry and Gems blog. I really want to paint on jewelry, that is my ultimate goal. Anyhoo what has everyone been up to this week? How is the weather? It is still fabulous here in FL, even though this is supposed to be our coldest month. We will continue with painting class until forever I guess. At least that is how it looks right now. We are starting a sort of education co op with one other homeschool family. I will let you know how that goes once we actually begin. Have a great weekend!

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