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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick Day, Rain and Google +

Well to start off, I am sick, and miserable. What started out as allergies, due to excessive warm weather and budding of trees, has turned into a raging head cold and congestion. I do not like to be sick! I don't have a fever, nor vomiting. Just feel like crap. I had to work Sat night. I was OK before I left, but my symptoms deteriorated quickly while at work. Since I caLinkn not take Benadryl at work, due to drowsiness, I suffered instead and paid for it on Sunday. I do feel a bit better today, and my laryngitis is improving, I can actually yell today. But, I am taking a rest day anyway, just to be safe. That means our Education Co- Op planned for today, will be moved to next Monday, still hosted by me.

Yes, it is raining again, which is only adding to my gloomy mood. Looks like there will only be one day of sunshine this week, ugh!

I read that Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect. You know the thing in the margins of all Google blogs that let you follow others blogs. It seems Google wants you to use Google + and that is what they are recommending you do. So, since I already have Google + you are in luck. Just click the link to follow my profile and I will diligently add updates to it, which I have not been doing mind you. I am not really sure if I have time for that, lol, but I will try.,

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