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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Butterfly Rainforest

Yesterday we went with our 4H group on a field trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History. More specifically we wanted to go into the Butterfly Rainforest. The museum itself is free to enter, and then they have special exhibits you can enter for a small fee. When we first got there it was cold, it has been so hot here, that the butterflies don't really fly around until it hits at least 60 degrees. So we visited the rest of the free museum and returned later in the day. DJ took 260 photos, of and I can not possibly upload them all. I do have to upload them to his blog, eventually. He takes so many photos I can not keep up with them all. It is a small museum, but they change their temporary exhibits every few months. We had such a good time we want to return in the Summer, when millions of butterflies will be out. We did get to see one baby butterfly hatch from the cocoon right in front of our eyes. We were supposed to go to a park in Gainesville after, for some play fun. The traffic was so bad, and I had never been to this park, I completely missed my turn. Never even realized it until I was a good ten miles out of the way. I did not go back. Our friends did text us later and said the park was so packed they went to the little park in our small town, so we went over there for a bit, until it started to get cold again. All in all a wonderful day, with wonderful friends. I am hoping a field trip to NASA is in our groups future, since we are studying flight this year as a group unit. Will have to wait and see.


Anne said...

We went to a butterfly garden when we were in Boston a few weeks ago. I expected to be bored but it was so peaceful that I loved it. It's great to have good museums nearby.

Smarty Pants Printables said...

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I would love you to share my site with your readers if you are impressed with what I have. Check us out!

Melissa said...

Anne, I could have sat in there all day, and DJ was in Heaven, lol!

Smarty Pants I will surely check out your blog and will be more than happy to share it. Be patient, sometimes it takes me a bit to catch up.

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