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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day

Most public schools had no school today, but we did. We had our co-op day today. Today it was at the other families home, and their mom decided to do a program on George Washington. This is not the video we watched, but they are all basically the same. There was very important thing I learned today. I did not realize that when George Washington was elected president, he didn't even have to want to be president. Basically the Electoral College nominated and elected him, without his want or desire to be president. He begrudgingly went to his inauguration after his mother told him to, on her death bed. Imagine that! You are sitting home minding your own business and you get a phone call stating that without your consent you were made the leader of the Free World. Man oh man! We also went for a very long walk, and the kids made George Washington books. All in all a good day! Next week I am hosting, and the kids are going to be assisting in the lesson planning. This should be interesting, lol!

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