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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

4H Photography Book 3

Day two of school and we are already having fun!  LOL!  This is DJ's third and last book for Photography in 4H.  The first chapter was on using different lenses.  Since we don't have interchangeable lens on our camera, we thought we would have to skip it.  But, lucky for DJ his mom is smarter than she looks, wink wink.  I will explain how we did it below.  The second chapter is all about special effects and easy affordable ways to achieve them.  We did one, which I will share below.  This chapter is a long chapter and will require some cheap purchases on our grocery shopping trip this week.  So be sure to check back next week to see what we did.  Please do not borrow, or steal DJ's images.  They are his sole property and I keep them all for personal records dated and timed for proof.

Today was another full day of lessons, with the second part of the day being History.  Caitlin is focusing on Native Americans and US Symbols.  While DJ is doing book three of The Story of the World and US History, so yes he is doing two History currics.  Plus a Marine Biology lesson everyday to be sure he can complete it in a year. 

This is Caitlin's sunflower turned green.  We achieved this effect by using a Chelsea Filter.  A Chelsea Filter is used in the identification of Emeralds which is why I own one.  Gemstone geek here.  It actually looks blue but gives the effect of green, and a very intense green if the object is already green. 
Caitlin looking like the Grinch.  Notice it doesn't really turn her green, but gives a green hue to everything.
Since we didn't have lenses to interchange, I let DJ use my 10X Loupe to take a shot of the inside of the sunflower magnified.  This is really a cool shot.  There is a better one too.
This is the clouds and the edge of the Crepe Myrtle tree using the Chelsea Filter.  For some reason my little cursor won't let me write next to the picture below. But as you can see it is the same exact shot without flash.
This is a dragonfly wing under the Loupe.  This is really cool.  Open it up to get a better look.

This is the dragonfly head under the Loupe.  This was a fun lesson and we had a ball doing it.  Caitlin wants to start photography in the next year, so DJ will get to be her prop in pictures.  Caitlin started her Butterfly book today as well.


Ink Cartridges said...

Nice photos and great photography....

Anne said...

DJ's photos are so great. Glad you are having fun at school so far.

betchai said...

oh wow, gee, you are one smart mom indeed Melissa, very good modeling for DJ to make use of whatever you have to meet the requirements. bravo to you.

Melissa said...

Thank you, all of you! Betchai I try to use what we already have if we can. I know it doesn't do much to boost the economy, but I do what I do, LOL!

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