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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunflowers, Toads and the First Day of School

Oh my it is the first day of school already. It seems like Summer Vacation was not nearly as long this year. We did accomplish a lot of cleaning and organizing that does not get done during the school year. This morning, nice and early, since it is still 100 degrees here by 10, not really more like 90, but I get to exaggerate it is my blog, we went for our morning walk. When we returned DJ noticed this huge toad sleeping on the top of the porch light. Now since he is sitting on his legs you can not appreciate the real size of this toad. See it looking at you? It must sleep with its eyes open. I wonder how long it has been there. I just hope he does not decide to jump on my head one of these mornings. That could end in disaster.

Caitlin's sunflower is finally starting to open, as shown in the picture. It seems to be taking a long time, but we have not had hardly any rain. People in neighboring counties say it rains everyday at their house, but for some reason at mine not even a sprinkle. So that means we have to water our garden. We did only fair with the cukes, I assume I did not water them enough, because they were awesome. I figure it is the rainy season it will rain, right, no not right. Tomatoes are still trying to get there. I had at least half a dozen tomatoes on the plant, and something ate them, and it was not me. Since I am trying to avoid pesticides at all cost, I put onion peels at the bottom of the tomato plant. That actually seems to have worked. Tomatoes require a lot of water, like inches a day, so of course I probably need to water them more. Tomatoes still have a lot of growing time here in FL, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Next year I am doing sweet potatoes. We did just plant lettuce and carrots, and I will share the containers we made to put them in, in a future post. Here in FL, you can grow a winter garden, and usually there are no bugs to worry about.

We are also doing the Earths Kids Club, since July, and we are working on some interest projects for that as well. That will be shared later as well.

Later this week I will be doing a review on a really cool dog collar, so be sure to check back for that. If you have a dog, you need it.

We did a full load of lessons today, no holding back, and it was a great day. Lots of fun ahead, so stay tuned. Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day. We did, we didn't do anything!

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