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Saturday, September 29, 2012


DJ loved the Schoolhouse Rock videos, and they helped him remember parts of speech by resinging the song. So, I am going to try it with Caitlin as well. She has nouns and verbs down real well, now she needs to get pronouns. There is a Schoolhouse Rock video and a cute PBS Kids video. If your kids need to learn pronouns, teach them in a song.

Caitlin is doing well with sentences and fragmented sentences, which she eased into pretty easily. I am very happy for that.


betchai said...

these are really very creative ways to make kids remember well and learn also, at the same time, it makes learning for them more fun

Melissa said...

I agree! They need different ways to learn, to help them remember better.

Anne said...

The Schoolhouse Rock videos are awesome. I still use them to remember some math facts :).

Melissa said...

LOL, Anne, they are very catchy and some I remember from school too.

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