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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art Class, Baby Frogs and Snakes

Today was painting, drawing and sewing class. Caitlin is working on her doll blanket, which should be finished by the next class. So, pictures will come then. DJ drew and color penciled in this cute dog shown. I painted, and my Mom worked with the kids. I am currently in the process of upcycling, reusing, or repurposing glass jars. People call it different things. I take old jars, not bottles, and paint on them, then add sand or marbles and a candle and it makes a lovely candle holder. Of course you could use them for a toothbrush holder, silverware, hair ties, pencils and pens whatever. But, they do look exceptionally nice with a candle lit inside them. Today I did all Fall theme jars. One is shown below. Some I list in my Etsy store and some will be gifts. We are having a garage sale, as a charity event for our Earth Kids group, no one has agreed as to when yet though. Some of these will go for that.

We have had an explosion of baby tree frogs. They are everywhere in the evening. The kids have been having a ball looking for them, catching them, and then letting them go. We have tried to keep frogs as pets, but have always been unsuccessful so I told the kids they have to release them from now on. They even sit on their heads and just stay there, LOL!

Last evening was our Earths Kids Club meeting. Faith did a presentation on the Water Moccasin, a nasty snake indeed. She had a dead baby one, but it turns out it wasn't a water moccasin, but still cool to see up close. Well for some, for me I thought I was going to pass out at first. Yes, I have a deep fear of snakes, even dead ones. Fears are a funny thing. There usually is no rational reason to be afraid of something, like heights, another thing I fear. I don't like to live in fear, so after I compose myself I actually could look, no touching, quite closely at the snake. I think they should dissect it. How cool would that be? Faith had a cool snake craft too. You just take egg shell cartons, cut them up, and tie them together with a string, then paint the shells any way you want. The boys were not very creative with theirs, but the girls made some pretty fancy snakes. Next meeting Caitlin is doing the Anaconda, with the help of her brother. Should be fun!


Anne said...

DJ's dog drawing is great. I love the idea of reusing jars. I save them for storage but the idea of making them pretty is fabulous.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne!

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