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Monday, September 10, 2012

Canada and Snickerdoodle French Toast

Now that we are back in school we have started our Monday co-op back up. Each Monday one of three moms hosts and makes a lesson of their choosing. Since I was first, and I didn't want to do Science related topics I picked Geography, a little Math and Life Skills. I will be continuing with this on the Mondays that are mine to do.

I started with Canada because I figured that would be the easiest to locate on a map. Everyone found it easy. Since each class should be less than two hours, I have to consolidate what to learn. First though, we always go for a walk.

After the walk we all sit down and I read a little bit to everyone. Since we have ages from 6-16, I have to keep it simple yet engaging. This can sometimes be difficult. I used Kids World Travel Guide, for our reading pleasures.

Then each kid colored a map of Canadian provinces, in their own unique ways. This gives them time to socialize and discuss Canada, the size, and what they learned. There are more complicated sheets but the little ones find it too difficult, so I simplified it.

Then the best part, they got to make Snickerdoodle French Toast, which is a Canadian meal. I have to tell you it was the best French Toast I have ever eaten. We did leave off the cornflakes and did not bake it, but used a griddle. Since there are 9 of us, they had to double the ingredients, so there is some Math. Then they have to measure, mix, and cook the French Toast. They all took turns, and were quite proud of themselves.

The next class that is mine, we are going to do Great Britain.

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