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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coral Snakes and Luna Moth

Every other Tuesday we go to our Earth Kids Club meeting. This is a club started by us, to help children get out and enjoy nature. Since it is so hot here in Florida, until about October, our meetings have been mostly reading, discussion and some crafty type lessons. We are studying Wetlands and Reptiles. All members vote and get a say in what the group does. At the last meeting, one of the moms suggested that each kid pick a reptile and do a small demonstration at each meeting. So, we did. Not all kids have picked, they wanted to think about it. But, DJ went first, and he did the Coral Snake. He read some information, discussed it and the funny saying that goes with it, and then they all drew and colored a Coral Snake, and a Milksnake to show the difference. Then they got to eat the delicious Coral Snake cupcakes that DJ and Caitlin made. They really did make them, all by themselves. I only frosted them. Coral Snakes are actually red and yellow, not pink and yellow. But, red frosting is grossly bitter, and anytime I have ever used it no one eats the red parts, so we used pink. Then the kids get to socialize and play at the park. Once the cooler weather comes I really want them to be walking nature trails and observing nature to later be drawn and documented. So far, I am very pleased with this group, and glad I convinced myself to do it. Tuesday was also a full day of lessons before the meeting.   Oh if anyone is interested in the links we used for the Coral Snake, it is under Earths Kids on Pinterest.

Today, was another day of full lessons, plus our morning walk. DJ finally got on the Florida virtual school to begin his 7th grade lessons for Science. So far it is going much smoother than Spanish. They have changed the set up of the classes and movement around the interface, and it is much more user friendly. So DJ is doing two History currics and two Science currics, plus all his other work. So far he is handling it quite well. There is still more stuff I would like to add but I don't want to overwhelm him so I must be patient.

I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. Be sure to stop by DJ's blog to keep up with his writing activities this year.


Melissa said...

Sorry I forgot to say about the Luna Moth we found. Every year we have one and only one that we find on our garage door. This year though it was dead, but DJ has kept it for his bug collection.

Anne said...

Your science activity sounds like a great idea. We live on wetlands (we call them swamp) so come visit if you want to see them up close and personal.

Melissa said...

Anne, we have lots of swamps here too. Not my favorite wetland, lol. We are going to NY next fall, I hope, and I would love to maybe get to meet you and your family. That would be awesome!

betchai said...

i love the club which you started Melissa, it is a fun way to learn and to interact.

Melissa said...

We are having a lot of fun with it. Thank you!

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