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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Biscuit's New Safe Glow Dog Collar

Those of you who read my blog consistently, have already met Biscuit.  She is my 85 pound Lab mix beauty.  I was contacted by a company that makes Dog Training Collars, and asked if I would do a review of their Safe Glow LED Dog Collar.  Of course I said yes.  I love doing reviews.  Anyway I sent in my info and about ten days later I got the collar in the mail.  What you will read next might make you laugh, or you might just think I am a dingy blonde, but it is all true. 

So, the collar is delivered.  The kids are excited, a glowing dog collar, what fun!  We remove the collar from the package.  It is a very nice collar, good looking made of nice sturdy vinyl, with a lovely closing clasp that I must tell you is very durable.  I don't think a dog could get it off, I had a hard time getting it off, LOL!  Biscuit loves her dog collar.  When we removed the old one and put on the new one, it was like getting a new dress for my daughter.  Then we added her name tag to it, and her outfit was complete. 

So, we wait for dusk and out we go to check out the glowing collar.  It doesn't glow, as you can see in the first three pictures.  Nothing, nada, nil.  So, my son says maybe it needs sunlight, or some kind of light to charge it.  OK, makes sense to me.  So off it comes and we set it under a light for the next 24 hours.  The next evening, out we go to try the collar.  Nothing!  How in the world do you make it glow?  So, I said to the kids, I guess since I threw out the package I have to contact the company to ask them how to make it work.  Lucky for me, I kept the original email and it told me how to use it.  Whew!  If you look at the pictures, I am pointing to a nice square box on the collar.  I noticed the box when we first got it, but couldn't find an on/off switch, so I just thought it somehow held the charge.  Come to find out, as you can see in the next picture, there is a small round button in the center of the box that turns the collar on and off.  Poof it works!  Amazing what happens when you read directions.  So, out we go again and as you can see it glows nice and bright orange.  It has three speeds of light:  solid, slow blink and a very fast blink.  The camera doesn't pick up the blink but it is there.

Now, that we have been using it for about 9 days, let me tell you why I love it.  We have a fenced backyard.  Biscuit and Lucky are allowed to run and play at will, and are safe.  Biscuit is quite heavy, and even though she has been put on a diet, she could use some more exercise.  So, I want to walk her.  In the summer especially, we walk in the early AM or early PM.  This collar will keep me safe, and Biscuit safe, by letting people see us with the orange collar.  Also, Biscuit needs more socializing.  We want to visit out of state next year, and Biscuit will either have to stay at a doggy daycare, or we would like someone to stay at our home with her.  That means she has to be more willing to accept people into our home.  So walking will enhance her socializing as well.  Plus if she got out of the fence, and decided to go on a neighborhood excursion, we could find her if the collar was turned on, not a bad idea if you have a dog that escapes frequently.   The only one con that I can see, is that it is not 100% waterproof.  But, if you don't walk in the rain it shouldn't be a problem.  I don't walk in the rain, wet clothes gross me out.

Now more about the specifics of the Safe Glow Dog Collar:

-  It comes in three sizes:" small, medium and large.  On their website you can see the dogs recommended for each size.
-  Sturdy nylon collar
-  The Safe Glow Dog Collar uses a lithium battery that can be purchased at most stores.  It is a long lasting battery so you don't have to change it often.
-  It is lightweight only weighing about a pound.

The company that offers the Safe Glow Dog Collar, also offers Dog Training Collars.  They have a wide variety of options available for you to browse at your leisure.  To check out the Safe Glow Dog Collar, or the other dog training collars, click any of the links in this article.  The only compensation I have received for this post is the dog collar to try on my dog, and the pleasure of telling you about an awesome product.  If you have any questions you can contact the company on their website. 

1 comment:

Anne said...

It is a very beautiful color and she looks lovely in it. I love how it glows.

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