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Monday, January 19, 2015

Biscuit Readers in My Ebay Store, Minute To Win It for Ice Breakers

We are off from school today, so I get to catch up on all kinds of things. Over the weekend, we actually stayed home, and got so much yard work done it looks fabulous. I have a really cool Science post to share, but it is taking forever for the videos to load. If they all load, I will share, it is really cool. The 5 Biscuit books, shown below, are available for purchase in my Ebay store. You can always find my Ebay store, by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog. My daughter loved these books, and is finally willing to part with them.

Tonight we have 4H. DJ is the VP, so he is in charge of the Ice Breakers. We have done some really fun ones so far this year. They all seem to like the game style ones the best. So, DJ, and I, have come up with some Minute to Win It Ice Breakers. I will take pics, and share them all later this week. I always try to use what we already have on hand, so you definitely can improvise with a little thought and creativity.

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