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Friday, January 2, 2015

Homeschool Art Still Life Drawings

When most people think of still life art, they think of fruit, or flowers in a vase. I guess that is what most still life subjects are. However, the Art lesson said a still life is a drawing of any inanimate object. There were other rules too. Two of the most interesting, that I took from it, was that all still lifes should have an odd number of the item Also, that famous artists used the color red to draw people to what they actually wanted them to see. Very often it was just a small amount, maybe not even noticeable. So, now I have to go to an Art museum to look at some of these pieces of Art. If you look at them online, the red may not show through. That is what the teacher said.

Anyway, I did roses, but on a glass plate, with a black background. Painting on glass plates is always a challenge. You have to paint backwards to get the image to appear properly. If you ever read my other blog, you know I have been chasing the perfect rose forever. I still have not attained it, but I am so much happier with these. I actually used a red, and green, paint pen to draw the roses and leaves on the plate first. Then painted them in. The black goes on last. I have two other glass plates done too, using a different technique. I think these would make adorable gifts with homemade cookies or fudge on them. Those will be shared on my other blog.

DJ decided to do a still life of one of his favorite video game characters, Link. The drawing is what he would envision Link's room to look like. I like it, a lot.

Caitlin, did not actually complete hers.

We only have two lessons left, animals, and landscapes. Both are my favorites, so it should be fun.

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