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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Minute to Win It Ice Breaker Games for Kids

Last night was our 4H meeting.  For our Ice Breaker game, we played some Minute to Win It.  There were 14 kids altogether, so 7 groups of 2 kids.  Each group is given one minute to complete each task.  Task 1 pile large conversation hearts, as high as you can.  If they fall over, and you still have time left,  you start over.  Oh, and each member can only use one arm.  This one was fun, but not as much fun as Task2, forehead carry game.  Each child had to place a Vanilla Wafer on their forehead, then walk down to the target bowl, and drop said cookie in the bowl.  If the cookie falls off your head, you start over, you can not touch the cookie once it is placed on your head.  The group with the most cookies in the bowl, at the end of a minute, wins.  This was pretty hysterical to watch.  The taller kids were at a great disadvantage, but learned really quickly to not get to close to the bowl when you drop it.  Lots of fun with these!  The boys looked like they had this won, with 14 candies, but they fell over, and they had to start all over.  The most cookies in the bowl were 14 as well.

My 10 year old, has shown an interest in riding horses.  We had done some a couple years ago, but then it just got too time consuming.  I was talking to some other moms, and there is a huge interest for a 4H horse club, in our county.  I will be starting the process to become a 4H leader, so I can get a group going.  This should be interesting.  

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