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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Virtual Dissection Of A Clam and Sea Star High School Marine Biology Science Lab

This week, DJ and I, will be dissecting a Clam, and a Sea Star. He is using the Apologia Marine Biology books this year. I bought the dissection kit shown below. It was a little more affordable than the one on Apologia's website. I do wish I had bought the slides, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say. We have been able to do fine without them, just think they would have been cool. In Florida, all High School Science classes, have to have a lab. Even if you homeschool. Well, not really, but I am trying to be as traditional about the High School years, as I can. Labs are the fun part of Science! I am including links to two free virtual dissecting websites, for the clam and sea star. You can purchase the dissection kit shown below, and then just follow along on the websites. Voila, there is your lab. We will be taking our own images, as we go along, so they will be shared later this week.  Oh you will want some gloves, and a mask if you are sensitive to smell, maybe even goggles.  I am not sure if those come in the kit.  I have not actually opened ours yet.

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