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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Landscape Art, I Have A Dream Writing and Freedom

Landscape Art, was our last drawing lesson. You can see mine below. I combined the Art lesson with the Freedom lesson, assigned to DJ. For me I feel free, anywhere there is trees, and water. Preferably at the ocean, but a lake or stream is just fine too. There is a pink lake in Senegal, that I think would be amazing to visit. I am not sure I would swim in it, very high salt concentrations, but to just sit there and read a book would be amazing. I believe there is a pink lake in Australia, too. So, that was my Freedom and landscape Art all in one. Caitlin drew out her landscape, and is currently turning it into a Minecraft world. I will share images of it when she is done. DJ finished his animal project, and still has to do his landscape. Hopefully, on Friday.

DJ was given the writing assignment, after watching videos and Martin Luther King Jr, and his, I Have A Dream speech, to pick a topic that he would want to conquer. He is currently putting it in outline form, one of the hardest things to do in the Writing Process, for him. Then he will put it into essay form. I won't say what his dream would be, but it will be on his blog when completed. I too, will be challenging myself, to create an I Have A Dream, essay. I can not decide what one topic I would want to stop if I could. There are so many that are dear to my heart. I would say ignorance, is at the top, but that is something you could beat to death and never change. It will be here on this blog, when completed, and this time DJ gets to critique my writing, grammar, punctuation, etc. This should be fun, lol.

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