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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teaching Homeschool Math When You Don't Remember Learning It Yourself

We are moving our way through Algebra 1, with Math U See.  Up until yesterday, I was able to teach the lessons, and assist, without too much difficulty.  Then came Slope and Intercept.  Ugh, not only do I not remember ever learning this, I don't remember ever having to use it either.  But, now I do.  The Math U See videos are not always helpful.  I like the instructor, but it doesn't always click.  We started using Core Algebra 1, as a supplement for videos.  DJ, and I, both find the instructor helpful, though a little dorky, but we can understand him.  I watched his lesson on Slope and I think I got it.  I have to memorize the formula, but I think I will just write it down, lol.  Unit 6, Linear Functions, is the lesson.  Of course, you could do them all.

Every now and then, I go through my Pinterest homeschool board, to look for things I forgot about.  I found a great website to help improve writing skills.  I wanted to share it, so I could find it easier, and so you could find it too.  It is free, and I like it.  There is another one for Grammar too, that I will share another day.  I don't think I will have my daughter, write every day, usually Friday is writing, so that will give her plenty of time to think about the topic. 

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