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Thursday, January 22, 2015

No More Time4Learning A New 30 Day Challenge and Some Other Changes

We are about halfway through our school year.  February 13, is the end of our second quarter.  I really start to evaluate what is working, and what is not at this time.  Also, what needs more attention, and work, and what could use a little less attention. 

DJ, is moving along fine with his current curriculum.  I have looked ahead in his Math U See Algebra 1 book, and think my brain will fry, lol.  But, it is working for him, and me.  We are working through it, and he is maintaining a strong B.  The only thing I have changed for him, was adding after school hours work, to his day.  I felt it was really needed, for him to retain so much information, especially for testing purposes.  It has worked, and he doesn't even grip anymore about after school work.  He sees the difference with the little bit of extra work.  The math work is mostly review, so it helps with retention, and we will see if it helps bring his grade up to an A. 

5th grade Math, is a huge transition. It was for DJ, and now is for Caitlin as well.  She was moving along nicely, until just a few weeks ago.  She is now struggling, with too much new material being added every day, along with old lessons learned but not mastered.  This is one of the things I love about homeschooling.  Now, I can alter her Math lessons so she will master topics first, with some minor new topics as well, and move along and not stagnate.  Caitlin, has also decided she does not want to do Time4Learning anymore either.  She was only doing it for Science and Language Arts.  She hates the Language Arts, but likes the Science.  Well, for 22 dollars a month, this is not a deal just for Science.  So, we are doing away with it.  She will do Science on LessonPathways.   Language Arts will be done with me, with a huge focus on Writing skills.  She has improved so much, but there is way more I want her to be able to do before the end of this year.  I have also added to her History, Have Fun With History's website.  Short video clips on topics of your choice.  Everything else will stay the same for her.

We have one lesson left, in our homeschool Art program.  Hopefully, that will get done tomorrow.  Then I will introduce you to a new website I found, and I love it so much.  I finished the 30 day plank challenge.  I am the only one that finished it, lol.  The kids, and I, all started a new challenge on Tuesday, a walking challenge.  The point of the challenge is not how far, or how fast, but how many days you  do it.  Since we do the same distance every time, we could get much faster.  Wed we still walk with friends.  The kids opted to ride their bikes, and I walk.  We are to do five days a week, for a total of 30 days walked.  This week ended up only being three, because it is going to rain tomorrow, and we decided to take weekends off.  I am hoping with the routine of doing it daily, the kids will just want to continue doing it, after the challenge has ended. 

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