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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful Flowers And Vegetables

Well my green thumb is not doing too bad this year, so far. My flowers always do well, as you can see by the lilies, which we just planted this past week. The cucumbers are the fastest growers, and the peppers, and onions are coming along too. The only ones taking their time is the tomatoes. I am hoping for a successful vegetable garden this year, I mean I can not eat my beautiful flowers, but they grow awesome. I just bought fertilizer, and now everything smells like manure, but if it helps I can live with it. The kids love doing the little garden every year, and it is a simple, and affordable Science project, though we have never gotten an A, LOL. I hope everybody is having a wonderful Saturday.


Kristy said...

Those are beautiful lilies Ms. Melissa! You really do have an awesome green thumb. I hope to do as well as you are doing in my gardening this year.

Ruthi said...

It's gardening time again... this is one of the reasons why I love spring. Good thing that your kids start early with gardening and that they appreciate it. You are doing a great job as a mom and a teacher.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy my green thumb always starts real green, and then poof something happens, and it turns brown. Ms Ruthi, thank you, you are so kind.

betchai said...

beautiful lilies Melissa, I love it this time of the year when it seems everything blooms.

Rochelle@MomSays said...

Beautiful! i love the lilies. they look so innocent and lovely.

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