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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Friday: The Magnolia Tree

Today is Friday, that means it is Fun Friday, at my Blogging For Fun group. We have started a new eight Friday series on trees. They can pick any tree they want, as long as they don't do the same one twice. DJ, and I will be focusing on trees that grow in Florida. I am starting with the Magnolia Tree. We have three of these beautiful trees in our yard, and they smell, and look beautiful. The pics are ones that DJ took last year, when they were in bloom. Here are some facts about the Magnolia tree.

* Magnolia trees are named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.
* Magnolia trees can grow in Asia, N America, S America, C America, and the West Indies.
* There are actually many different species, and subspecies of the main Magnolia species.
* The bark of Magnolia trees has been used in natural medicines to help cure anxiety.
* The Magnolia flower is the state flower of both MS, and LA, and MS is the Magnolia State.
* The Giant Leopard Moth uses the Magnolia tree as food.


Anne said...

The flowers are very beautiful. I don't know a whole lot about trees. Just that we have a lot of them and they keep taking out my power when I least expect it.

betchai said...

i love the magnolia tree too Melissa, it is so beautiful when it blooms. I did not know about its medicinal value, thanks for sharing.

Ruthi said...

I agree with Betchai... thanks for sharing. In this tough economy... and with all the side effects that we hear about certain medicines... it is always good to go for natural remedies.

Melissa said...

I am not certain how well it works for medicinal purposes. It did not say.

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