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Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To Draw Potted Plants

Well my printer has died, so I have to improvise until the end of the year for some of our work. In honor of Earth Day, this week DJ is learning how to draw potted plants. The video is short, and shows you how to do it. For about half of the year, DJ has been doing timed math tests, on Fridays. After reviewing this, I do not find this helpful to him at all. Because he wants to finish in the allotted time, he is making careless mistakes. Though I will still probably do the timed tests, it will not be as frequent, and I think I am going to add more time. Three minutes just does not seem reasonable to me for the harder math he has learned. DJ is moving into liquid volume in math, and the video below can be used as a tool with your other math lessons.

Lesson Plans For 04/19/10:

Reading: Read chapters 41-43 of Black Beauty with summary
Art: Learn to draw potted plants
Writing: Fishy Monday: Chocolate Surgeon
Sign Language: Review
Math: Liquid Volume

Animal Habitats
Printing Practice
Math: Adding with a number line
Phonics: Beginning letter sounds
Art: Cutting practice, spring butterflies
Flash Cards
Site Words
Reading: Choose two books from reading list
Sign Language: Review


Femmepower said...

Hmm now i have something for Bianca to do. She's been bored for the past days since summer vacation and she's been asking me for some activities at home. I'll show this video to her and make her draw too. Thanks for this, Melissa.

betchai said...

the video tutorial is very helpful Melissa, it is great so many information can be found and shared online.

Melissa said...

Rochelle, I hope she enjoys it, be sure to check out all the other drawing videos in the archives.

Betchai everyday there is more and more information available to homeschoolers online, a lot for free.

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