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Monday, April 26, 2010

What Makes An Insect An Insect?

A quick note to everyone, first. If you have slightly high cholesterol, or are borderline being high, don't rush into taking a Statin drug such as Zocor. Try increasing your fiber first. Some of you may remember six months ago, I had my cholesterol checked, and it was just a couple points high. They wanted me to start right away taking Zocor. I opted to modify my diet, and increase my fiber intake first. Today my cholesterol went down a whole ten points, and the other markers are now again normal, with the exception of one. I take three fiber capsules, not the tablets, with my dinner time meal. The increased fiber also will absorb some of the fat you eat, and help you lose weight too. If your cholesterol is really high, you can still do this, along with medication from your doctor, and then use the fiber to maintain once you have gotten it down.

Tomorrow we are reviewing our insect lesson plan. Specifically what makes an insect, an insect. The video below is cute, and will help you, or children learn. There are other videos on insects, in the archives, if you are interested in more. DJ just finished Black Beauty, which is the last book on his reading list for fourth grade. I will be having him, and Caitlin watch the movie soon.

Lesson Plans For 04/27/10:

Science: Insects review, week three of rotten log experiment posted to his blog
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Review
Reading Comprehension
Language Arts: Practice punctuation test, root words review

Science: Animal habitats, and insects
Math: Addition
Phonics: Short U
Reading: Read two books from reading list
Alphabet Rollercoaster: Fill in worksheet, end of kindergarten workbook
Printing Practice
Flash Cards
Site Words
Flower Petal: Cutting practice


betchai said...

i also notice when I do not exercise or hike my cholesterol level go higher but still within the normal range, i love eating a lot of veggies, but i still have to take extra fiber sometimes because i have problems sometimes with my bm.

Anne said...

That's interesting advice about the fiber. Does the added fiber do anything to your digestive system? I have never taken fiber because I am worried about the side effects.

Melissa said...

Good idea Betchai.

Anne unless you already have digestive issues fiber will only help you with digestion, and there are no side effects that I am aware of except maybe cramping if you take too much, or don't drink enough water with it.

Kristy said...

This is a wonderful alternative Ms. Melissa! Can you tell me the name brand of your fiber capsules? My doctor wants me to start on a statin and I don't want to so I thought I would try the fiber capsules like you. Great idea! I will have a check-up in June for my cholesterol so maybe this will make mine go down 10 points or more. Thank you for the info!

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy I buy the Walmart Equate psyllium husk fiber, the psyllium husk fiber is the best option. If you like oatmeal, or even cheerios, they are very high in fiber, and they work wonderful too. I can not stomach oatmeal or I wouldn't take the capsules at all. Take them faithfully, and you will see results.

Kristy said...

Thank you Ms. Melissa. I will be getting me some this week. You are such a great wealth of information.

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