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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter To All My Readers

I hope everyone has a blessed, and wonderful Easter holiday. Tomorrow we start back to lessons, and review of Science, History to begin within the next couple weeks. We have already been reviewing spelling, and vocabulary. If anyone noticed I forgot to tell you about the log experiment, it will be posted tomorrow. It is simple, and your kids will think it is cool. Because we are beginning to complete our lessons for the year, DJ is picking up reading every day, rather than twice a week. Caitlin is on her very last book, in her set, and will begin re reading from the start of the year.

Lesson Plans For 04/05/10:

Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Occupations 1-17
Reading: Chapters 8-11 of Black Beauty with summary
Writing: Fishy Monday the Maroon Clown Fish
Math: Fractions, decimals, and money
Language Arts: Following directions, homophones, root words
Art: Spring Bunny craft

Reading: Where is Zot
Art: Spring Bunny craft
Sign Language: Occupations
Printing Practice
Math: Number count and match
Telling time, and counting objects worksheet
Nursery Rhymes
Phonics: See, say, read, and write
Site Words
Flash Cards

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Kristy said...

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Leomar said...

A blessed and happy Easter to you and your family, Melissa.

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Kristy, and Leomar. I hope your days were wonderful as well.

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