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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Rotten Log Experiment, and Seeds

While doing my blog hopping one day, I came across a really cool website called The Dinner Garden. This site promotes growing your own garden, to help end hunger. They will send you free seeds, upon request. If you can donate to their site to help cover shipping, they do appreciate it. Their requests have gone way up this year. If you have a large bounty, the idea is that you will share your bounty with those in need. I think it is a great concept.

As promised here is the rotten log experiment. First we had to find a rotten log to place somewhere in our yard. We did that, and it has been placed. You have to leave it in the same place, and make observations for the next month, or more. Please make sure your husband is aware not to move it so he can mow there ahem Craig. Then you discuss what your students think will happen to the log. Will it disappear into the ground, do nothing, rot more, what? What about underneath, and other living things? DJ and Caitlin decided it would indeed rot more, bugs would eat it, and bugs or other critters would live in, and on it. When I asked them what they thought about under the log, neither were real sure. So that is what we will be investigating. Be sure to check at least once a week, and discuss your findings, and observations. This is a cheap, like free, and fun Science experiment that anyone can do.

The video below can be for all age ranges. DJ will be using tomorrow for Science to cover deserts, and Caitlin will be using it for her desert habitat lesson.

Lesson Plans For 04/06/10:

Sign Language: Occupations
Science: Deadly Deserts, and The Lake Trip a lesson in recycling and being green
Math: Addition, subtraction, beginning measurement
Language Arts: Drawing conclusions, root words, homophones
Reading: Read chapters 12-15 of Black Beauty with summary

Reading: Where is Zot
Sign Language
Printing Practice
Math: Number counting, and match
Draw the missing parts
Animal Habitat: Desert Animals
Phonics: See, say, read, and write
Site Words
Flash Cards


Kristy said...

Thanks for sharing about the Dinner Garden. I love the idea. I hope you are having a fun-filled homeschool week.

Ebie said...

Melissa, I love your new header. Is this the place where you spent your vacation? It is beautiful!

Melissa said...

Kristy, make sure to get your seeds.

Ms Ebie, yes that is one of the pictures my brother in law took, while we were on vacation.

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