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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes Review

Tomorrow for Social Studies we are reviewing our lesson on plate tectonics, and earthquakes. These are two new videos on plate tectonics, for you to share with your children, or students. We hopefully will be having a playdate at the springs, or the park tomorrow afternoon. It is kind of up in the air right now. My roses are going crazy, and have tons of blooms. My hydrangea, well lets just say I don't have much hope for it. My tomatoes have flowers already, and the cukes are moving right along. The kids help water, and feed them on the days we have no rain, which trust me has been a lot lately.

Lesson Plans For 04/28/10:

? Playdate 12-2

Math: Muliplication, word problems
Social Studies: Plate tectonics review
Language Arts: Homophones review, spelling
Reading Comprehension
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Review

Printing Practice
Social Studies: Plate tectonics
Phonics: Short vowel sounds
Math: Addition
Flash Cards
Site Words
Reading: Pick two books from reading list


Anne said...

I know nothing about earthquakes so I would be at a loss for that lesson. I would love to see photos of the roses (if you get a chance). I am impressed with your extraordinarily green thumb.

betchai said...

my roses are going crazy here too in terms of bloom, sorry to hear about your hydrangea, hope they bloom beautifully later too. i haven't had one, so i can not share tips.

Melissa said...

Anne I took pics, and will share them soon. Betchai it is different this year, they bloomed all winter, except for a very short time, and then poof they just exploded this spring. My hydrangea I am not so sure. Maybe I will try moving it, my dogs might be the problem

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