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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doctor Appointments, and Hail

This is the first time since we have lived in Florida, that we have experienced Hail. We had some nasty thunder storms move through today, the rain was much needed, and we had marble sized hail at one point. The kids thought it was pretty cool, I was glad we have a garage. I did get a picture, but I am not sure how good it came out. If it is good, I will share it. I think I will have DJ do some research on hail, and why it is formed. Tomorrow I go to the Dr just for a follow up on my migraines, so school will start a little later than normal. Oh I almost forgot tonight on the History Channel, is a new series called The History of US, be sure to tivo it if it is something you would be interested in learning about.

Lesson Plans For 04/26/10:

Reading: Last three chapters of Black Beauty with summary.
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Review
Writing: Fishy Monday, the Achilles Tang
Math: Multiplication
Reading Comprehension
Art: Paint on sand dollars

Printing Practice
Phonics: Short O
Nursery Rhymes
Site Words
Flash Cards
Art: Paint on sand dollars
Math: Addition

Caitlin has started into her first grade math, and phonics workbooks, so I am encouraged about that. I have not pushed her, she has been finding the others too easy. DJ will be introduced to double division more towards the end of the year, when I am sure he has mastered everything else that was required for fourth grade.


Ruthi said...

I am really amazed at how you deal with this. Homeschooling is unheard of in my country that is why I am so fascinated with it being a former teacher... I believe that education really starts at home. My mom was my very first teacher. Me and my brothers can already tell time before we enter 1st grade... that was because of my Mom.

Kristy said...

I hope you are feeling better Ms. Melissa. I had a migraine this past weekend so I know how you are feeling. They really take a lot out of you. Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Ms Ruthi, homeschooling in this country is increasing in popularity, but was not always that way. There are also a lot of negative stereotypes that people have about homeschooling. I am hoping to change that.

Ms Kristy I had the migraine last week, first one in months, so that is progress. I had to recheck my cholesterol, and the migraines just come up in the conversation of course.

Ebie said...

We had hail a few weeks ago, and I saw them pounding on the ground!

Take care of your migraine, though I do not experienced it, but friends tell me it is so horrible, they do not come in to work.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie thank you my migraines are very interesting to me, mostly because I am the type of person who has to know why something is, rather than just being told it just is.

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