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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How To Master A Job Interview

Today I am doing something a little bit different. A lot of people are out of work, looking for work. Maybe you have left a job you have had for many years, and need a new one. Maybe you have been a stay at home parent, and need to rejoin the work force. No matter which describes you having a good interview can help you get the job over someone else. Here are some great tips for job interviews to keep in mind.

1- Do not arrive too early, or too late for the interview. If you are not sure of where the place is go a day ahead so you know where you are going. Arrive about 10 minutes early to give time for any paperwork you might have to fill out.

2- When filling out the application, don't lie about your experience. Chances are you will be found out, and even if you get the job may be let go. Always be honest, and say if you need help in a particular area, but that you are very willing, and able to learn.

3- If you smoke, or like perfume, you might want to avoid both. Cigarette smells, or loud perfume can be a turn off to the interviewer. Of course you don't want to smell like BO either, so be clean, and conservative with colognes, and perfumes.

4- Make sure you are dressed appropriately. Take into account the job you are applying for, and do a little research online to see what kind of company it is. Generally speaking simple dress attire will be just right, without too much distracting accessories. Keep it neat, and simple, and don't forget to iron them. If you don't know how, learn.

5- Don't put your sunglasses on your head, or your Ipod around your neck, leave it in the car, along with your cell phone or at least turn it off.

6- During the interview don't badmouth former bosses, or coworkers. This will just make you look hostile, and can't get along with others. Be honest but don't be overly negative. All of us have people we might not be able to get along with, just don't be nasty.

7- Be enthusiastic, and confident. Ask about the company, how they relate to their workers, benefits, expectations of you for your position. Ask about wages, but not right away. Above all be prepared to answer questions they might ask. Like why do you want to work here? Don't just say because I need a job. Maintain good eye contact, and don't act cocky.


Anne said...

These are good tips. I have always heard it is better to dress up than dress down. You always want to be the most dressed up person for the interview. For example, if you are interviewing in an office where employees dress business casual, wear a suit anyway (or at least a tie if you are a man). There is nothing worse than being underdressed for an interview.

Kristy said...

Great tips Ms. Melissa! You are always full of such wonderful information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these practical tips. They are really helpful especially for those people seeking employment at this point in time.

Leomar said...

Great tips, Melissa. I agree, it is not wise to badmouth former employers and co-workers, this will create a negative impression about you.

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