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Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To Draw The Beach, Drawing With Chalk

DJ, and Caitlin love to draw. For Easter they got a big tub of sidewalk chalk. Two weeks ago they did some chalk art, on our back pavement. Caitlin did the rainbow, and DJ did his rendition of Caitlin. I like chalk because it does not stain, and is not as messy as paint. I have had to buy a new toilet seat because they dumped brown paint water, in the toilet, and missed, and it looked like poop stains on the toilet seat LOL. Last week I did let them paint the sand dollars, and they came out nice. Unfortunately my camera is not cooperating with my computer, and I can not get them to download. I will share them when it decides to work properly. Tomorrow DJ is going to learn to draw the beach, as shown in the video below. Caitlin was supposed to make a train, but I ran out of construction paper so I will have to come up with something else for her. Caitlin loves to watch Sprout, which is put on by PBS kids. They have a website where you can get crafts, coloring pages, games, and great recipe ideas. Click here to go to the Sprout website, I am sure you kids will find something they love.


jenn said...

My kids love drawing with chalk, too. I just hate that their masterpieces wash away too quickly.

onlinewriter said...

wow,both Caitlin and DJ can draw well. excellent!

Anne said...

We use sidewalk chalk a lot. The pictures are both great! I can't wait to see the sand dollars. I ruined my toilet seat by trying to dry a tie dye project on it. Tie dye stains :(.

Melissa said...

Ha Ha Anne, I am glad it just isn't me.

Jenn we had quite a dry spell here, so the chalk art lasted literally for weeks.

Rochelle, thank you.

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