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Monday, May 17, 2010

Weather And Seasons Some Of My Favorites

Tomorrow for Science class we are reviewing both what we learned about seasons, and clouds. I am always looking for new, and interesting sites to add to my favorite education sites at the bottom of this blog. I update it as often as I can, but sometimes they just sit in my favorites. Here are some favorite websites I use for teaching weather, and the seasons. The scholastic link is awesome, and if you don't already use it you should. The others are newer to me, and I have not had a chance to fully explore their whole sites. These too will be added to the bottom of this site for easy access to anyone who cares to use them. Over summer vacation I will be updating, and deleting any that are no longer working, or I have found to not be useful.

Lesson Plans For 05/18/10:

Math: Units of length
Cursive Writing
Science: Review of seasons, and clouds

Tracing Practice
Printing Practice
Skip Counting
Math: Count and color
Phonics: Beginning sounds
Site Words
Reading: Choose one book from reading list
Science: The seasons and clouds

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