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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun Friday: Crape Myrtle Tree

Today is Fun Friday at my Blogging For Fun group. We are on week four of or tree meme, and I have been focusing on trees that grow in Florida. When we first moved to Florida I would see the most peculiar looking tree. It was very tall growing well above roof tops, with beautiful pink flowers only at the very top. Very odd looking indeed. So when I saw some planted at my place of employment I asked what they were. I was told they were Crape Myrtles. So I had to know why do they grow so tall, and only flower at the top. There are different kinds, like any tree. With proper pruning you can encourage the tree to grow out like a more normal flowering tree, with flowers on the whole tree. Crape Myrtles can bloom almost 50% of the year in some spots, until very cold weather comes in. They are a hardy tree, and is one of the most widely planted tree in the US, for decorative purposes. When we bought our home the previous owners had done an amazing job with the landscaping. We have at least three Crape Myrtle trees on our property. They grow the most beautiful pink flowers you can see.


Ebie said...

I love to see tree lined streets with blooming flowers. The crape myrtle is one them. They are so popular and beautiful!

I am posting at my new "home"

Deranged Insanity.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie thank you I have added your new site our Blogging For Fun blog roll.

betchai said...

oh, you are so lucky to have three beautiful crape myrtle tree in yur backyard, Melissa. it is so beautiful. I too love when the trees bloom and cover the parking lot or line the roads.

betchai said...

ps...i again just post my "tree" :) a day late, but better than never :)

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