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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daddy and Me Photo Contest, Painted Sand Dollars

Woman's Day, one of my favorite magazines is having a Daddy and Me photo contest. The winning picture will win a brand new camcorder. Simply send a picture of your husband, brother, father, whomever is a dad in your family doing something touching with a child to The best picture wins the camcorder. I already own a camcorder so I won't enter. I wish the prize was something else because I have some really cool daddy pictures. Good luck to any of you who enter.

A few weeks ago for art class, DJ and Caitlin, painted on some sand dollars. Here are the end results. We used paint pens. I think they are new because I don't recall ever seeing them before. They are less messy than a paint brush, and easier to control than a paint brush.

We only have two full weeks of school left, and we will continue to review what we have learned this year. I continue to work on next years curriculum, and lessons. One of the things I have had the hardest time with was choosing a reading set for Caitlin. She did awesome with Hooked on Phonics, but really only like 1/4 of the program that was included. So I don't want to purchase another whole set. I think I finally decided on a set from Evan Moore. I have never purchased from them but they have a lot of interesting, and unique programs, and work books. Kinderdoodle is another one that I really like.

Lesson Plans For 05/17/10:

Art: See previous weeks assignment
Math: Subtraction review, adding fractions
Writing: Blue Assessor Baslett fish
Language Arts: Matching the parts of speech
Cursive Writing

Tracing Practice
Nursery Rhymes
Math: Count and color, skip counting
Phonics: Beginning sounds
Site Words
Reading: Choose one book from reading list
Flash Cards
Printing Practice

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