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Monday, May 24, 2010

Learn To Draw A Dog

Today is DJ's official last day of Art class for the fourth grade. So I let him pick he what he would like to draw. He picked a dog. Below you will see a video to learn how to draw a cartoon dog. Let your kids, or yourself, give it a try. That is the beauty if you want to learn to draw, you can use all the videos too.

So I have been going through next years lessons, and books. Naturally I thought math was going to be the hardest, and wanted to get a jump start, so I didn't catch a surprise. Ha the math was no big deal, the Language Arts will be my nemesis. All the rules of grammar are exhausting to try to remember, and teach them all. Ugh I think I might cry. Calgon take me away!!!!

Lesson Plans For 05/24/10:

Cursive Writing
Science: Rocks, and rock formations, review
Math: Subtract and check, milliliters, division

Printing Practice
Reading: Pick one book from reading list
Flash Cards
Site Words
Math: Number to word identification
Phonics: Ending Sounds


betchai said...

drawing was my weakness when I was in elementary Melissa, it is so good to know there are so many video tutorials these days than simply following before from the isntruction of a teacher :)

hope you are having a good Monday

Ruthi said...

This is so cool. I love to draw and paint but not animals. I don't know why but I just terrible in drawing animals. This is a great lesson.

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