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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Caitlin and the Butterfly, Spongebob Cake

Last Sunday was Caitlin's birthday. That is her Spongebob cake, that I did not make. I wanted to make her cake, and she said no she wanted the bakery to do it. I was a little disappointed but it was really hot, so my heart was not completely broken. I will make my own Spongebob cake yet, maybe for my birthday LOL.

Caitlin loves butterflies, and apparently they are fond of her too. She caught this cute little butterfly, and it promptly sat on her forehead. It stayed there until she took it down, just lightly fluttering its wings. I tried to get a picture with its wings open, it looks like a monarch on the inside, but is obviously black not white. We must have a flower it likes, because it keeps coming back every day. Don't worry all that dirt on the floor is the outside porch, not the inside of my house. I say that and I was like gross. My dogs drag in more dirt. I vacuum it up and dump it back in the sand pit, otherwise we would have none left.


Ebie said...

Such a gentle butterfly. It is so elusive to me, I can't take a good shot.

My belated greetings to Caitlins's birthday.

Melissa said...

This is the very first one we have actually been able to photograph. Thanks for the birthday greetings to Caitlin.

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