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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Learn To Tie Your Shoes

Have you ever taught a child to tie their shoes? If you have you know how frustrating it is trying to explain how to do it. The video below is actually from the school of the blind, and it teaches you how to teach your child to tie their shoes. I never had to teach DJ, he actually learned it in public school, but Caitlin is learning, and finding the correct terminology to tell he what I want her to do is not the easiest. Who knew something so easy as tying shoes could be so complicated? It doesn't help that she despises shoes with ties, so she never really had to worry about tying them before. Tomorrow is review of Davey Crockett, and basically the same as the other lessons listed for the week. The end is almost near, for the homeschooled year I mean.


Ruthi said...

This is so cool. This may be a simple task but it is a basic skill that a child should learn early. I have kids at work who are already in 5th grade and would you believe they don't know how to tie their shoes... because Moms or Dads do it for them. Independence starts from the shoestring. [I just made that up.] hahahaha

Anne said...

I am left handed and both of my kids are right handed so you would be amazed how difficult it is to teach them to tie their shoes. I don't know how my older daughter learned but my little one learned from her friends. I can't tie the same way they do so I don't know how to teach them.

Melissa said...

Caitlin doesn't even like shoes that tie, she always wants open back shoes. Imagine trying to find open back shoes that tie, I haven't found any. So now she has a nice shiny pair of sneakers to just learn to tie, ugh!

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