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Saturday, May 22, 2010

School Calendar For 2010/2011 Calendar

This is the time of the year when I prepare for evaluations, and start next year planning. So I have already done next years calendar. I post this for my own personal record keeping, and also for anyone who homeschools, and wants to have an idea of how to make their own calendar. I do try to have our holidays the same as the public schools, so if the kids want to have friends over the days off coincide. Of course the calendar can be flexible to fit any needs you may have. You will also see that I have grading periods much like public schools. I do this because DJ went to public school for two years, and is used to the grading system so we just continued it. Not all homeschoolers grade their kids work though. I did change the calendar quite a bit this year. I took a lot of the days we had off this year, and made them half days, so that we actually do get something done. As DJ moves into harder and harder class work, we need all the classroom hours we can get, without having to do homework. This calendar does not include playdates, or field trip which are not planned this far in advance.

Calendar For 2010/2011 School Year:

September 7, 2010: First day of school.
September 30, 2010: Half day of school
October 11, 2010: No school Columbus Day obsv
October 15, 2010: End of first grading period
October 18, 2010: No school
October 19, 2010: Half day of school
November 4, 2010: No school
November 11, 2010: No school
November 18, 2010: Half day of school, Fire Drill day
November 24-26, 2010: Thanksgiving holiday, no school
December 22, 2010: End of second grading period
December 23-January 6, 2011: Christmas break, no school
January 6, 2011: Safety awareness day
January 17, 2011: No school
January 24, 2011: Half day of school
February 14, 2011: No school Presidents Day obsv
February 21, 2011: Safety awareness day
March 10, 2011: No school
March 11, 2011: End of third grading period
March 14-18, 2011: No school Spring Break
March 31, 2011: No school
April 1-2, 2011: Half days of school
April Easter Break dates to be decided
May 9, 2011: No school
May 27-30: No school
June 6-9, 2011: Half days of school
June 10, 2011: Last day of school year.


Ruthi said...

Wow... you are already all set for the next school year. I am so impressed. You are one great teacher... the real one. The one who teaches out of love.

Melissa said...

I try to do as much as I can ahead of time so I can relax over summer vacation.

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