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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free First Aide For Kids, and Just For Fun

How about some fun pictures for today. The one with DJ wearing glasses, are actually mine, and he said he was attempting to look mean LOL. He is a jokester so mean does not come easy to him.

Next year for health classes, I have decided not to purchase any books, or curriculum. Rather I want both Caitlin, and DJ to start learning about basic First Aide. DJ says he wants to be a lifeguard someday, and he actually is the one who taught his sister to swim so well. After scouring the internet I found two great sources that all of you can also use to teach your kids First Aide. The first one is actually an online First Aide Course. Your child must be at least ten to do it, its free, and only thirty minutes of your time. Since DJ is not ten until July, it will be perfect for the start of next year. The other is actually on Ehow, and has learning videos, and tips to teach, and learn First Aide. I love this site as well, and again it is free. Kids Health is another free website that offers free resources to teach safety, and First Aide. Just click the respective links above, and save them to your favorites for later use. Because this will be the basis for our whole school year of Health, I will be looking for more websites as resources.


Kristy said...

These are such cute pics of DJ and Caitlin! I love how DJ is posing with the glasses!

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Kristy. I hope all is going well for you guys this very hot week.

Anne said...

Those photos are great and I love the new photo on the top. DJ looks very serious wearing your glasses.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne.

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