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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Friday: For The Love Of Palm Trees

It is Friday again, and that means Fun Friday at my Blogging For Fun Group. We are doing an eight Friday set on trees. Today I am talking about Palm Trees. Below are two awesome videos one has pictures of all different kinds of palm trees, and the other is a learn to draw palm tree video. Of course DJ will be doing it on Monday.

Palm trees pretty much grow only in the tropics. It must be very warm, and humid, and they will thrive. When we moved to Florida from NY, we knew we were close when we got to southern Georgia, and started seeing the Palm Trees. There are many different varieties of palm trees. Some grow very tall, and their palms stick out only at the top kind of in a ball shape. Then there are the shorter ones that are more poufy. We have the short ones, and only one tall one. I am not fond of the tall variety, but a woodpecker family has decided to call it home, so I could never take it down. It is my understanding that Date trees are a variety of palm trees. Here in the south very few decorated lawns would go without at least one palm tree. We have some other birds such as the cardinal that also like to use the short poufy palms to make their nests.


Ebie said...

I love palm trees! Seeing them everywhere, reminds of my childhood days, growing up in a tropical country.

Melissa said...

They are a beautiful, and unique tree.

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